Cumbernauld Academy & Theatre

Completed in July 2019, Cumbernauld Campus is a combination of a secondary school and a professional theatre, the first of its kind in Scotland. This project was delivered on time and on budget for North Lanarkshire Council with a capex of £37m and capacity for over 1,250 pupils, a 400 seat main auditorium, box office, studio theatre, digital arts room, cinema, dance studios and bistro.

The campus provides students, staff and visitors with opportunities for community wide learning, play and socialising.  The campus is designed to allow the theatre to operate independently from the school in a safe and secure way.

EMS managed all aspects of construction delivery on behalf of DBFM Co since financial close and continues to deliver operational management services. EMS led a very successful “Countdown to Handover” structured process (6 months) of presentation, training and hands on practical demonstration and close liaison with the theatre staff who utilise the specialist equipment. This ensured a smooth transition into operational phase with excellent working relationships established.

A High Value Change, capex £180k was successfully completed to the theatre kitchen and service area providing high quality equipment/facilities for the on site café.

In 2020 the campus won a Gold Partnership Award for Best Educational and Higher Education Project.

Super Sector:Social Infrastructure
Sub Sector:Education
Capital Value:£37m
EMS Start Date:June 2017
Services Provided:Full SPV Management
Client: North Lanarkshire Council