North West Priority Schools

EMS commenced the delivery of services in April 2018 and inherited a challenging set of circumstances, with FMCo’s performance and reporting output falling drastically below its contractual obligations and with monthly deductions averaging c£160K.

The EMS team quickly identified the root causes to be:

  • Poor FM mobilisation and initial contract setup;
  • Inexperienced leadership across the contract management level;
  • Insufficient commercial knowledge to deliver effectively in the PFI setting;
  • Deficient resource and an imbalanced service delivery structure;
  • An underperforming remote helpdesk facility.

Initially EMS set about plugging the gaps; providing leadership, organisation and a commercial understanding that had been lacking. This improved the service and project relations, but was not the long-term fix.

In April 2019 FMCo reported monthly deductions that fell below contractual triggers for the first time. Monthly deductions have remained so ever since. EMS subsequently guided the parties through a successful settlement negotiation around historic deduction values.

The project now operates at a steady state with strong relations between all parties.

Super Sector:Social Infrastructure
Sub Sector:Education
Capital Value:£100m
EMS Start Date:April 2018
Services Provided:Full SPV Management
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