Highlands Schools

The Highland Schools Project is made up of eleven schools totalling 64,695m² over ten sites in various areas of the Highlands of Scotland.  This comprises of six primary schools, four secondary schools and one additional needs school with the sites primarily located within the Inverness area of the Highlands and one secondary school located on the Isle of Skye.  The schools provide an education provision to over 3,500 pupils located within some of the most remote areas of the UK whilst also providing facilities accessible to the local communities including libraries, swimming pools and sports pitches.

The schools were handed over to The Highland Council in 2007/2008 with EMS being appointed as the MSA provider in July 2019.  Entering into an already well established project presented some initial challenges for EMS, however through diligent management and  establishing strong relationships with both the local authority and the service provider, the project operates consistently at a high level. 

Community and relationships are at the heart of this project and EMS work proactively to ensure that all pupils, teachers and the local community utilise facilities that they can be proud of. 

Super Sector:Social Infrastructure
Sub Sector:Education
Capital Value:£134m
EMS Start Date:July 2019
Services Provided:Full SPV Management
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