Relationship Management

At EMS we consider relationship management to be a fundamental pillar of successful delivery and we set out to develop and maintain effective working relationships with each stakeholder involved in a project.

Our view is that this can be achieved by adopting a flexible and adaptable approach, based on an assessment of the particular circumstances and personalities involved.

It is, however, underpinned by certain key principles; notably that we should strive to be fair, even-handed and pragmatic, and adopt a problem-solving approach to the challenges that will inevitably arise.

Communication is key and so is the ability to understand the motivations of the counterparties that we are working with.

Quality Assurance & Compliance

EMS takes pride in the quality assurance and compliance services we provide to our clients.  We have developed our internal systems and processes in a collaborative manner by sharing best practice ideas and developing a standardised approach that is both effective and efficient. This approach continues to evolve in response to changing circumstances and new challenges as they arise.

The team ensures that each project has a deliverables schedule and corporate calendar in place which clearly sets out the SPV’s contractual obligations across the project.  The format and content of board reports has been standardised wherever possible to ensure consistency of output across the portfolio, although allowances are made for the specific requirements of any particular project.

EMS has a UKAS ISO certified Integrated Management System, covering Quality (ISO9001), Environmental (ISO14001) and Health & Safety (ISO45001) and Information Security Management Systems (ISO27001) at our Portsmouth office. This reinforces our confidence that our processes are robust and sufficient, and the underlying principle of continuous improvement is a core value of the business.

Statutory Compliance

EMS considers statutory compliance to be a key area in the management of any project and has robust procedures in place to oversee this is being managed effectively by the service providers.

Sub-contractors are required to report against statutory obligations on a monthly basis, and statements of compliance are tested periodically via requests for supporting information with the intention of ensuring that all statutory maintenance items relevant to the project are reviewed each year, with the level of frequency increasing if the sampling exercise starts to return adverse results.

Board Reports

We consider our board reports to be one of the key opportunities to interact with the directors of the SPV and present them with all the information that they require to carry out their executive responsibilities in relation to the project. We also believe that a well-structured board report leads to a coherent and focused board meeting. For these reasons we have invested considerable time and effort into developing board reports.

The content and structure of our reports has been developed after consultation with numerous stakeholders and the end result is a client-focused report that clearly and concisely draws the board’s attention to the critical matters at hand on the project.

Whilst we have a defined framework for structuring our board reports, we strive to adapt each report to the specific requirements of the particular project to ensure that the stakeholders gain maximum utility from the report.

Technology & Innovation

At EMS we understand that we need to move with the times, and we have a keen focus on developing technological solutions that enhance the user experience for our staff and our clients.

Increasingly we are supplementing traditional reporting with sophisticated data analysis to provide dynamic business information presented in an intuitive and accessible way.

Health & Safety

EMS takes its health and safety responsibilities seriously, both in respect of our employees, and in the context of the SPVs that we manage.

The EMS team has extensive on the job experience of monitoring health and safety compliance. Every employee within the operations team obtains an Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Managing Safely qualification and so does every member of the Management Team.

All EMS offices in the United Kingdom have ISO45001 certification, testament that the EMS health and safety management system meets international standards.

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