Tuscan Hospitals

The Tuscany Hospitals project comprises of a design, build, operation, and maintainance contract for four hospitals under the same concession, all in the Italian region of Tuscany:

  • the “Santo Stefano” hospital of Prato (“Prato”); operated by the U.S.L. Toscana Centro,
  • the “San Jacopo” hospital of Pistoia (“Pistoia”); operated by U.S.L. Toscana Centro,
  • the “San Luca” hospital of Lucca (“Lucca”); operated by U.S.L. Toscana Nord Ovest,
  • the “Apuane” hospital of Massa (“Massa”); operated by U.S.L. Toscana Nord Ovest.

The hospitals are some of the most modern and advanced facilities in the healthcare system of the region of Tuscany, with an overall capacity of 1,710 beds and 2,041car park spaces. The total area covered by all four hospitals is c. 368,750m2. The concession runs until 31st July 2033.

The concessionaire, SA.T. S.p.A., started construction in 2010. All the hospitals are now operational: Prato and Pistoia since 2013, Lucca since 2014 and Apuane since 2015.

Super Sector :Social Infrastructure
Sub Sector :Healthcare
Capital Value :€355.5m
EMS Start Date :June 2018
Services Provided :Full SPV Management
Client :Azienda U.S.L. Toscana Nord Ovest Azienda U.S.L. Toscana Centro
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