Nottingham Street Lighting and Illuminated Traffic Signage

The Nottingham Street Lighting PFI service began in 2010 and comprised a five year construction phase where 27,000 street lighting and associated highway illuminated signage were replaced, and an ongoing management and maintenance service of 40,000 highway assets.   During the construction phase, a central management system (CMS) was installed to enable control and monitoring of the assets from a desktop to a lamp top. The CMS monitors the assets and reports energy consumption and faults to an asset management system.  It also has the facility to dim and trim (set the switching times) of the lights.

The project utilises the asset management system for planned and reactive maintenance, asset condition and reporting on service performance.

The assets consume 10.412m kWhr of energy per annum, costing £1,547m to the Authority.  The project is replacing 34,000 lanterns to LED lanterns which is forecast to reduce electricity consumption by approximately 50%.

Lifecycle, asset and energy consumption risk rests with the FM Contractor for the project life.

The project also includes festive lighting and a five year construction phase from 2030 where 3,400 street lights and associated highway illuminated signs are to be replaced.

In 2014 Equitix procured 100% of the equity from SSE plc and EMS acquired the MSA.  The project was refinanced in 2019.

Super Sector :Transportation
Sub Sector :Street Lighting
Capital Value :£48.9m
EMS Start Date :November 2014
Services Provided :Full SPV Management
Client :Tay Valley Lighting (Nottingham) Limited
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