Newham Hospital

The Newham Hospital project is a PFI concession co-located with retained Trust estate in a busy acute hospital.

When EMS first became involved in October 2016, the SPV was in the midst of negotiating a removal of soft services from the PFI. In addition, we inherited legacy issues with supply chain performance, lifecycle and unresolved historic deductions, all of which had resulted in strained relationships between the stakeholders. 

EMS introduced more oversight and support to the onsite SPV management team who transferred under TUPE legislation. We worked through the issues methodically, implemented more rigorous review processes, and rebuilt trust between the parties. 

Currently, EMS is working closely with the Trust on a Trust led project to instal a new modular building in the Car Park, particularly where it interfaces with the PFI building.

Super Sector:Social Infrastructure
Sub Sector:Healthcare
Capital Value:£30.7m
EMS Start Date:October 2016
Services Provided:Full SPV Management
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