Full Circle Generation

Energy from Waste Project, Belfast Northern Ireland

The Full Circle Generation Project comprised the construction and operation of an Energy from Waste Facility. The main operation is the processing of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) through a two-stage gasification process to generate electricity.

The site covers approximately 8.53 acres, leased from Belfast Harbour Commission.

The plant operates with fuel entering a primary chamber delivering to a grate which gasifies the fuel to produce syngas. This gas is then transferred to a secondary chamber where it is fully combusted. The resulting hot gases are then passed through a boiler and generating steam delivered to steam turbines, which produce electricity via conventional means.

The principal components comprise:

  • 3nr feed lines (walking floors)
  • 3nr boilers
  • 3nr gasifiers
  • 2nr turbines producing 5 & 10MW of electricity
Super Sector:Environmental Services
Sub Sector:Energy from Waste
Capital Value:£110m
EMS Start Date:November 2015
Services Provided:Full SPV Management
Client: Full Circle Generation Ltd
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