Dalmuir Waste Water Treatment Works

Waste Water Processing Plant, Clydebank near Glasgow

Dalmuir Waste Water Treatment Works (WwTW) has been operated and maintained under a 25 year concession with Scottish Water, with revenues derived from volumes of waste water treated.​

The plant has been designed for a full flow to effluent treatment of approx. 375,000m3/day or 137million m3/year. The site covers approximately 11.5 acres, located on the banks of the River Clyde, and provides a service to over 650,000 people throughout North West Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire and North Lanarkshire.​

The original plant built in 1904 was a primary treatment facility before investment in 2001-2003 allowed secondary treatment and odour control to be incorporated. Further investment allowed a Capital Variation project in 2013-2015 which included the construction of 2no. Nitrate Trickling Filters (NTF's) to assist in the secondary treatment process.​

The process involves:​

  • Screening to remove coarse impurities;​
  • Preliminary treatment such as grit and grease removal;​
  • Primary treatment where effluent passes through sections of the plant at a rate that allows a percentage of organic solids to naturally settle;​
  • Secondary treatment further reduces the organic solids;​
  • Further organic matter and ammonia levels are reduced from the effluent ahead of being discharged as treated effluent.​
  • A further part of the process relates to the settled sludge, which is either treated at a sludge centre or dewatered through the centrifuge and removed off site.

Super Sector:Environmental Services
Sub Sector:Waste Water Treatment
Capital Value:£120m
EMS Start Date:July 2015
Services Provided:Full SPV Management
Client: Scottish Water
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