Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of SPV management services to our clients throughout the lifecycle of a project, centred around the following core services:

  • General Management
  • Estates Management
  • Construction Management
  • Financial Management
  • Company Secretary

Our financial and operational teams work closely together to ensure an integrated service, giving the SPV’s board of directors the comfort of knowing that the day to day running of the project is in safe hands so that they can focus on the executive aspects of their role.

Additional Services

Whilst competent delivery of the core services is essential, an SPV Manager can show its true value to its clients in the provision of additional services. EMS takes a pro-active approach so that the need for hands-on involvement from the SPV directors can be minimised. EMS has experience of delivering the following additional services listed below:

  • Insurable events
  • High value changes
  • Benchmarking and market-testing
  • Lifecycle review
  • Dispute resolution

EMS has consistently demonstrated an ability to respond to challenging circumstances and as such is competent to deliver further additional services if the need arises.

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